Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend of love

Arrived to Sirmione and cute hotel Aurora on Friday evening and had a nice and relaxed dinner with the bride and groom to be and some of their friends and family. After a cold and rainy winter everyone enjoyed to feel the light summer breeze until late in the evening. The wedding ceremony was supposed to start at 17.00 Saturday afternoon so we didn't have to rush to bed and our walk back home to the hotel felt like a dream.
Saturday we spent with some of the other guests relaxing in the sun before we had to get ready for the big happening.
At 17 we all gathered in a beatuiful restaurant by the lake. It was sunny and warm and in the garden dressed with sunflowers you could not see a dry eye when the couple declared their love.
The evening then continued with a great seafood aperitivo buffet and a three corse dinner and the live band playing famous love songs during the whole dinner put that extra spice to the wedding.
It was a day never to forget!

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