Thursday, May 30, 2013


The mystery is resolved. The bottles are siphons or soda fountains used as we today use a soda streamer. Thanks Alexander Nyberg, knew I could trust your skills :)


Anyone knows the name and the use for these beautiful glass bottles I gave to Stefano for his birthday?
I think they were used to stream water in to cocktails but I'm not sure... Would be fun to know!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


29:th of May and my big Love's birthday :)
Stefano has the biggest heart and sharpest mind on earth and I'm so lucky to have this man in my life.
Ti amo ora e per sempre!

60's style

Trying to let my hair grow. It's been short for 8 years now and I'm kind of tired of it...
Would love to have a 60's look like Sharon Tate or Birgitte Bardot.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monday morning

Tonight I'll finally see my love again after 8 long days. Can't wait!
The sun is shining and I'll try to do the best out of this Monday. Brought some fresh flowers in to decorate the kitchen and soon I'm off to Ivory :)
Isn't my grandmas one flower vase just fantastic?!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Lately the weather in the north of Italy is really bad and we are dreaming about a house in the region of Puglia (the heal of the italian boot).
Our favorite area is Salento and we've been spending at least one week there every summer since I met Stefano. It's impossible not to fall in love with the small white villages, the amazing people, the wine, the lovely food and the crystal clear sea.
What's missing is to have our own place down there and dreams have no limits right? I wouldn't mind a Trullo :)

(pictures borrowed from Pinterest)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Iris Apfel

Gray day, gray economy, gray people...
Sometimes it feels like I'm fighting an uphill battle trying to get this world a prettier place. I love color and I'm allways getting happier when I see people expressing them selfs dressing up in an extravagant way mixing vintage, last season fashion, big jewelery or what ever they like but that make them unique.
I'm trying to dress up in my own way not focusing on what other people might think, but unfortunately, I rarely ever see anyone else doing it.... Around me I just see girls and boys, women and men that look like clones, all the same... Isn't it sad?
Am I the only one longing for a world where people can look different but still be accepted by the group?
In Italy we are going through a dull period right now and you can see it clearly on the streats, small boutiques have a hard time and they are closing down one after an other and big commercial shops take over, making the street fashion even more unilateral.
I so adore Iris Apfel, a famous american fashion and style consult, who is proud of who she is and never afraid of overdoing it.
My dream is to see more people like her around, with unchained personalities, not afraid to show the world who they really are!

(pictures from Google)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skåne / Skania

We are planning our summer hollidays and I can't wait to go to Sweden and my parents lovely summer house in Skåne/Skania (the southest region in Sweden, just north of Denmark). Our house is placed in a a litle village on the north/west coast which is a peninsula called Kullahalvön and it's for sure a small paradise.
The landscape is amazing and the old architecture with half-timbered houses makes every village an idyll. There is allways something to do or see, just jump on your bike or get in to your old convertible and explore this region.
Lots of flea markets, artist galleries, small lokal delicatessen and cafès, sand beaches and rocky shores, small ports with old fishermen and fields after fields with old windmills and since it's not far from Denmark and bigger cities you can allways flee the countryside for more urban places if you get bored :)
Try the lokal dishes like smoked mackerel or äggakaka (lika a thick pankace with salted pork and lingonberries) and take a trip to the famous cafè Flickorna Lundgren på Skäret for a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry.

(pictures from Google)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Pink is my favourite color and that's it! Can't help it, I know it's super girly but it just makes me so happy and relaxed when I can have some pink around me. If I could choose I would fill my home with pink in different ways, but for sure Stefano would not be too happy ;)
Here are some inspiration pictures from Pinterest:

Morning walk

What is better to relax a stressed and nervous mind than a long morning walk. Love the nature where the river Trebbia meets the river Po!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Belle 'poque

Had a free morning today and been around searching for a birthday gift for my love. His birthday is next week and mine is in July so we kind of have an agreement that we'll buy something for the house together. Since there are still some furniture missing it's a fair deal for both of us, but the thing is that I still would like to give him something on his very day...
Went to my favorite boutique Belle 'poque here in Piacenza and could not resist to buy to small things for my self as well ;)
One old Madonnina crown and a hand painted egg for my collection.
Earlier on I've been buying from her our lovely porcelain Madonnina and a Chinese vase from the early 1900's.