Monday, May 20, 2013

Shopping abroad

Isn't it fantastic doing shopping abroad?! I just love to get inspired from an other culture and bring pieces from abroad home to my house.It can be furniture, art, food, clothes or anything that inspires me:) When I walk around our apartment I see objects from all around the world and every single thing brings a memory back to me. And of course I brought some new friends back from Dubai.
Fell in love with the small wooden tea boxes, regret I didn't buy more flavors.
Bought summer covers for our armchairs in the kitchen to avoid that the fabric is getting bleached from the sun, and pillows with Arabian motives.
My friend Carine had an amazing dress from her friend who is a small indupendent designer, LoNa studio, and I got my self one in lavender.
Last but not least an amazing silk kaftan found at a small local market.

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