Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lovely Dubai!

Just got back from 3 amazing days in Dubai! Our dear dear friends had organized everything with perfection and we managed to see a lot of different things and places and yet have time to be at the beach as well ( 28 degrees in the water and 40 on land :). Felt so nice after this winter!
Dubai is probably the most modern city I've seen but It does not at all feel stressful. Here and there you find small "oases" in the middle of all skyscrapers and since the sea is entering in the city you never feel claustrophobic. People are taking it easy and everybody are happy and helpful and since it's a city of expats everyone are eager to get new friendships and open for new business ideas. An other good thing is that it's so safe, the level of crimes is probably one of the lowest on earth.
I can't wait to get the possibility to go back to lovely Dubai and to see our wonderful friends again! Grazie mille Davide and Carine!!!

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