Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skåne / Skania

We are planning our summer hollidays and I can't wait to go to Sweden and my parents lovely summer house in Skåne/Skania (the southest region in Sweden, just north of Denmark). Our house is placed in a a litle village on the north/west coast which is a peninsula called Kullahalvön and it's for sure a small paradise.
The landscape is amazing and the old architecture with half-timbered houses makes every village an idyll. There is allways something to do or see, just jump on your bike or get in to your old convertible and explore this region.
Lots of flea markets, artist galleries, small lokal delicatessen and cafès, sand beaches and rocky shores, small ports with old fishermen and fields after fields with old windmills and since it's not far from Denmark and bigger cities you can allways flee the countryside for more urban places if you get bored :)
Try the lokal dishes like smoked mackerel or äggakaka (lika a thick pankace with salted pork and lingonberries) and take a trip to the famous cafè Flickorna Lundgren på Skäret for a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry.

(pictures from Google)

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