Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome to my world

Hello eveybody and welcome to Casa Vendi!

A few years ago I started up a small blog that didn't turn out in the way I wanted, the reason is that I wasn't ready. I was not in the right place in life and I did not have the right spirit to do it. I was modelling full time but I was dreaming about something different. For sure a lot changed since then...

One and a half year ago I started up Ivory - vintage and luxury together with my lovely friend Silvia Barbieri and not long ago my fiance Stefano and I moved in to our dream apartment in the old, central parts of Piacenza.
Finally I'm founding my self on the right track, I'm happy and curious but, luckely enough, I still have many dreams to fulfill.

My mission is to make life as beautiful as possible and in this blog you will follow me and my passion to inspire.

Lets go!

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