Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The adventure of our dream apartment

Wanted to tell you a litle about our home...

Before I opened my shop in Piacenza we were living in Pavia, in Stefanos bachelor apartment. I made my best to make it cozy but I never really felt like home.
The biggest problem, except from that it was small and very dark, was that Stefano, since he's working a lot from home, was in a big need of a private study and I dreamt of a big kitchen.
For a couple of years we were surching for something bigger in Pavia but we never found anything good enough with the right price and now we understand why... Our destiny was taking us to a different city.
One and a half year ago I opened my shop in Piacenza and in February last year I saw our apartment for the first time. In an old building (the oldest parts are from the 1700 century), on the top floor, I stept in to this bright and airy attic (it once belonged to an artist and originally was the home of a priest family), and I knew at once that it was the right place. Immediately I forced Stefano to come with me to see it. He felt the same thing but was not convinced since there was no real room for him to work. After many sleepless nights we worked out a solution to make it possible to create a small study for him and in July the contract got signed. (The fact that Stefano did it without telling me is an other story ;)
In October the work started and in Christmas time we moved in to or new home.

Livingroom before:

Livingroom after:

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