Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My food philosophy

I think sometimes that we live in a sick world... Everyday you here about different diets, what to eat and what not to eat. I'm happy that in Italy you hear less about it but when I read Swedish blogs and newspapers it's just too much!
I think young people of today have a hard time to understand what is normal, we forgot how it is to eat when we're hungry and stop when we're full...

After almost 10 years working in the fashion world as a model I got even more allergic to this subject.
I have allways been a skinny girl but working as a model I was never skinny enough since I refused to starve my self, yet 6 years ago I had 5 kilos less than today. Whit my measurements I got booked for more commercial jobs where they wanted a healthier looking type and I was happy about it since the commercial jobs pay better :)

My food philosophy is simple. Eat a litle bit of everything, less of the unhealty things and more of the healthy ones. As much as possible of lokal and organic/ecological food and no fast food like frozen semifinished dishes from the supermarket. I never drink sodas and I never put sugar in my tea or coffe.
It's easy! I eat a lot but I eat good food!
I always start my day with ecological yoghurt, ecological musli, organic jam made from 100% fruit or a fresh fruit, organic green tea and an espresso. (Never got in to the italian way of having breakfast with brioche and a sweet espresso).
For lunch at home we almost always eat some kind of pasta plate or maybe a big sallad in summertime and for dinner we go for more proteins and less carbs, like fish with vegetables or chicken etc... Obviously when we are out eating there are no such rules and in general I never forbid anything. If I want an ice cream I eat an ice cream.
I try to go to the gym 3 times a week and we often take a walk in the evening.

The most important thing though is to love your self they way you are and try to find your very size, I found my "me size" and I love my self the way I am!

My breakfast. Love the Scaldasole bio yoghurt, it's my favorite!
 Back from the food market. Lokal veggies and salame :)

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