Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend by lago di Garda

Spent a lovely long weekend with our Swedish/Italian friends who have a house by the Garda lake. Francesco and Stefano knows each other from their Erasmus year in Uppsala and Francesco ended up staying in Sweden as a professor and is now married to amazing Anna. Weekends with them are always so relaxing and full of laughter and interesting conversations :)
This time we were lucky getting invited to the Dire Straits consent in Padova as well. Francesco's friend Marco had got free tickets and the possibility to talk to the band members since he is producing wine for them and we ended up coming with. So Friday night was spent in the garden av a wonderful old nobel villa outside Padova where they hold their consent.
Saturday and Sunday were instead just full of good food, the company of friends and refreshing baths in the lake. Just as it should always be :)

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