Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dream vacation

Ended up watching a documentary about one of Greece's most well known designers the other day and just got so amazed by his story.
His name is Dimitris Tsitouras and he started his career as a lawyer with a big passion for art. His collection just got bigger and bigger and at one point he desided to open up a small luxury hotel at his favorite greek island Santorini to have a place to exhibit his pieces... His hotel got well known for its exclusivity and interior designs and very soon he got famous clients like Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, the Moschino designers and many others... Valentino and Tsitourars become good friends and after some years Valentino managed to convince his friend to start working full time with design. Now Tsitouras can be compared with a Greek Hermes and his designs are well known all over the world.

 Watching this documentary I just found my dream destination for a romantic vacation. His interior designs are so me, the hotel is small and privat with a breath taking view over the sea and small greek islands and the fact to be surrounded by world famous art pieces like Picasso paintings or original Lord Byron books would be really amazing.

Here I'll give you the link to the hotel website ( for who can afford it ;):

and some pics borrowed from the same site.

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